Love and Gravity

Love is a force like gravity.  Like gravity keeps the Moon going around the Earth and the Earth and the Moon going around the Sun, Love keeps us all in relation to each other. No matter what we think of gravity, it keeps us grounded. No matter what we think of love, it defines us. If we forget about gravity, we won’t float away (except for in our dreams). If we forget about love, we won’t stop loving and being loved.

Sometimes we feel disconnected from love and it causes us all kinds of pain.  It is of little comfort to remember that all we are is shaped by our experience of love. When we feel separate from love, we feel gravity. We feel heavy, weighed down. When we feel so unaffected by love and so affected by gravity, we need to look for our Self. Our bodies are affected by both gravity and expressions of love. Our Self is Love, it has no weight.

When we connect with our Self and let Love flow through our thoughts and actions, we can interact with love like we do with gravity, with awareness.  If we climb a ladder, we are aware that gravity could hurt us if we fall. If we enter a relationship, we are aware that love will change us. Although the love will change us through intense pain and pleasure, the Self doesn’t change. That understanding frees us to love and will let us walk on clouds.


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