Love, Love, Love

In order to stop suffering, you must love everybody. That doesn’t mean that you have to like everybody, you just have to love them. How you express your love depends greatly on how much you like people and how much you are suffering. If you have no suffering, you have no reason not to like people. If you find yourself not liking somebody or some circumstance, then you must be suffering. Then you can remember love. Without liking a person, you can love them and see how that soothes your suffering.

To love somebody that you don’t like, connect with that person’s suffering. Feel compassion for them as you would for a screaming baby. You don’t have to hug and kiss people to demonstrate your love. You just try to find it in yourself to love them. That is enough. When you love people that you like, you can hug and kiss them if that could ease their suffering. You can hug and kiss screaming babies, or change their diapers, or maybe feed them. Most of all, you must love them. Love everybody.


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