Love Your Enemy, Love Yourself

Loving your enemy is especially important if you enemy is yourself.  How can you find love for yourself when you don’t like yourself? You have to get out of yourself. If you can’t see that you have any beauty in you, you have to see the beauty outside of you. If you can find beauty anywhere, that beauty is in you.  That is you. If you can find a moment’s peace, that peace is in you. If you can imagine somebody else’s pain, that compassion is in you. That compassion is you. Even though you may think there is nothing in you to love, you can find love for things and people around you. That love is in you. That love is you.

If you feel like you are just watching yourself going though the motions, and you hate what you see in yourself, that is not you. That is your enemy blocking your view of yourself. You are beauty, you are peace, you are compassion, you are love. That is your true self.

Make a peace offering to your enemy. Even by trying to run from pain you are acting with compassion. That is a sign of love. That is a beginning.

Writing about your feelings, exposing your dark insides to the light of the world is an act of compassion. You are calling for peace. You don’t have to feel beautiful to be beautiful. Somethings you just have to take on faith until they become more apparent.


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