Loving Obstacles

If you are having problems finding love, you may be in love with the obstacles to love. It’s like having a debilitating drug addiction. You love the drug, but your love of the drug prevents you from taking care of you health and your relationships. Similar to drug addictions, we get attached to ideas.

If you are looking for love and are encountering obstacles, you need to see if you are in love with the obstacles.  If the love you are looking for is with a specific person, then you can start looking for the obstacles. The obstacles could be you, them, time, space, or circumstance.

If the obstacle is them, there is little you can do.  All you can do is shine like the sun and hope they gravitate toward you. You are in love with the idea of them loving you.

If the obstacle is time, you can be patient. You are in love with the idea of getting what you want immediately.

If the obstacle is space, you can travel. You may be in love with your daily habits and routines, which could prevent your movement.

If the obstacle is you, then you need to see which of your ideas are preventing the love. If you are too shy to open a conversation, that is an obstacle that will come up again and again as you get closer and closer to each other. Each personal boundary becomes a new line of shyness. If you are too arrogant to listen, you will never know another person. You are attached to your idea of yourself.

As you get closer to love, your beloved ideas of yourself will be challenged. When these ideas are exposed, you discover your obstacles. Use your wisdom to determine if your ideas are true or false. Love will drive you forward, but it brings confusion. To let love manifest in your life, you can remember that love is basic to your existence. If you learn how to notice your obstacles, you will be able to abandon them. The love will flow.


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