Low Motivation

If you are suffering from low motivation, or if you are not motivated because you are suffering, there is hope for you in your hopelessness. You can do something for yourself by doing nothing. You can fill your life with emptiness. You can meditate. There’s nothing to it.

Meditation can be frustrating if you use it to pry yourself out of a mood. If you meditate to achieve enlightenment, it can be a long, painful slog. Sitting there hoping, striving, and seeking a different state of mind will leave you longing to be where you are not. It takes a lot of motivation to embark on such a journey.

If you have trouble finding motivation, just sit. Waste ten minutes of your life. Think about nothing at all. Put all of your attention on your breath. Breathe in until you are full. Breathe out until you are empty. If you’re still not motivated to do anything, do it again.

You can waste as much time as you have meditating. If you meditate every day, you may find yourself gaining motivation. You can then use that motivation to continue your sitting practice.


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