Mind Control

Although you don’t have the ability to control spontaneously arising thoughts, you have the ability to observe those thoughts. By observing your thoughts as they occur, you can practice seeing them as thoughts, rather than as some beacon of truth, broadcasting just for you. Recognizing your arising thoughts gives you some leverage. This awareness interrupts the habit of being controlled by your thoughts. Although that is not full control, it is a world of difference.

Anytime you feel that you are being controlled by your mind, you can step outside of your mind and turn to your environment. Take in a deep breath and check in with your senses. Take a look at what you are seeing, listen to what you are hearing, check the position of your body, check your posture. As you do these things, you exercise control of your mind. You are consciously directing and focusing your awareness. That is a tremendous power.

An extension of that power is the ability to summon specific thoughts. You can summon comforting thoughts, such as thoughts of love or gratitude, by focusing your attention on things or people you appreciate. Honing your abilities to create these welcome states of mind increases your awareness of the importance and availability of these feelings.

This building of awareness gives you control over your life as you are able to recognize opportunities in your daily life to practice generosity and feel the love in your interactions with others.  You won’t be able to control your life in a way where the world delivers everything that you desire. You will be able to control your life by being able to appreciate what the world offers and feeling the confidence to offer the world what you can.


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