Mind Power

We think that we can’t control things with our minds. That is the only way we can control things. We have amazing abilities to make breakfast appear on the table, flowers in vases, monkeys in space, all with our minds. Our minds make us get out of bed in the morning and dictate where our fingers go on the keyboard when we type. While our minds do these regular things they are also amusing themselves by travelling through time into a remembered past or an imagined future. As our minds facilitate travel through time and space, they also manufacture emotions to add dimensions of texture to the experience.

There is incredible creative power in our mind, but if we don’t pay attention to what our mind is doing, it can create an uncomfortable, or uninhabitable, living space. Living space becomes uncomfortable when it is filled with opinions about what is wrong with the world accompanied by the sense that nothing can be done about it. The mind that creates the discomfort has the power to fix it.

To gain some control of our mind, we need to see just what our mind is creating and where it goes. If it spends too much time in a better past or a scary future, it needs to be brought back to the present. That is the most basic form of control we have over our mind. With a deep belly breath, we can always bring our mind back to the present, where its power is most effective.

The present is where we feel our emotions, so if there is a difficult emotion happening, we need the power of our mind there to help us deal with it. When we remain alert to where our mind’s power is going, we can direct that power for the benefit of all beings.

Our mind’s power is like a giant elephant. Our breath is the leash that can keep the elephant from trampling villages, making them uninhabitable. All we have to do is tug on that leash regularly and we will see our mind’s power create a brilliant world.


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