Mind Swap

If we could swap minds, you could pass your mind to me and I could pass my mind to you. We would immediately see our souls. Your memories would be so fresh and interesting to me, I would be fascinated. Of course, I would look into all the dusty corners and painful places. I would be in awe at all you’ve been through and filled with compassion. That compassion would clear the debris, polishing the shame into acceptance and creating little alters to all the love and joy in your life. Upon receiving your mind back, you would be delighted by the spaciousness.  We wouldn’t have to speak afterwards, because you would have done the same to my mind. We would have complete understanding. We would probably just look at each other and laugh and laugh.

The sudden ability to swap minds would surely have that kind of dramatic effect. If it were possible to swap minds, we would have been passing our minds around in class as children. We would trust everybody and know that we are all the same. Because we are stuck in our own minds, we don’t know how to clean them. We sweep our little messes under the carpet until it becomes difficult to walk. We don’t let others in because we are embarrassed by the mess. Your mess isn’t so bad. Pass it to me and I’ll dust it for you.

Looking 4 Truths – Truth 3 – There is a cure for suffering


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