Mind Tricks

Like a masterful magician, the mind likes to create illusions for our amusement. The mind is a mighty illusionist and it has a captive, gullible audience in us. We are completely under the mind’s control. When the mind tells us we’re tired, we go to sleep. When the mind tells us we’re sad we cry. When the mind tells us we’re happy, we rejoice. It is quite a show.

One of the mind’s little tricks is to make us think that our circumstances are causing our moods. Life provides all kinds of interesting circumstances, such as birth and death,  love and marriage, heaven and hell, rich and poor, popular and scorned. We experience these circumstances all the time and we have feelings. The mind, crafty performer that it is, points out to us that these circumstances are causing each of our moods. After the illusion is set up, the mind just sits back and watches us react wildly to all the changing circumstances in our lives. If we don’t like our moods, we wave our arms around in the smoke of our circumstances and never notice the mirror.

The mirror is the mind’s greatest trick. The mirror is the thing that reflects all the smoke of the circumstance. It is a marvelous mirror that reflects taste, touch, light, sound, smell, and thoughts. We don’t notice the mirror because we are so close to it. We think it is us. We care intensely about what happens in the mirror and to the mirror. We take in the senses, follow the thoughts and we create an image who we are. The mind lets us believe we are that image.

If we are not happy with what is happening in the mirror, we need to address the magician. We need to watch the mind. If we pay close and constant attention to the mind as it manipulates the mirror and blows smoke, we will be able to see through some of its tricks. With focused attention, we see that the interactions of circumstances and self do not dictate feelings. We will notice that love cannot really disappear. We will be impressed with our crazy creativity, and we will learn to enjoy the show. Poof.


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