Mind Your Mind

When life becomes a grueling grind,

And circumstances seem unkind,

A simple remedy you’ll find

Is to stop, and mind your mind.

Your thoughts are thinking things for you,

Who you should be, what you should do.

The thoughts assure you that they’re true,

But they have left you feeling blue.

So blue is where you must begin,

Because blue is the mood you’re in.

Take a breath, hold up your chin,

Observe your mind’s incessant din.

The chatter chattering away,

While you’re at work, or while at play,

Creates your mood for you each day.

 So mind your mind. Mind what you say.

To beat the blues out of your heart

Feeling blue is where you start.

Breathe in blueness, breathe out art.

Breathing bluely, truly, smart.

The chatter bathed in true, blue light

Cannot avoid mind’s watchful sight.

Though it will try with all its might,

Mind’s mindfulness will hold the night.

Blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, green,

Behold the colors of the scene,

Behold the stillness in between

Your thoughts of what the colors mean.

When your blues have turned and run

And life begins to feel like fun,

From rising moon to setting sun,

Your mind’s mind minding’s just begun.


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