Mindful Moments

Every moment is an opportunity to be mindful.  Your breath is always a good reminder to be mindful because it is always there. Your emotions are also always there. You can use your happiness to be mindful or your fear. The negative emotions are especially good to use because those, we generally try to avoid. Also, negative feelings can inspire you to harm others or yourself. Mindfulness can help you stay with an emotion until it goes away without causing any more problems.

When you are feeling negative emotions, mindfulness can derail your train of thought.  Instead of thinking that you are so angry because so and so did such and such, you think, Wow, I’m angry.  With mindfulness you then notice your surroundings, the sounds, sights, smells and also your thoughts. Each time you think about so and so again you can see how that thought feeds your anger. This may be the difference between punching so and so in the mouth and finding a peaceful resolution to the problem.

Mindfulness is helpful in all parts of your life. Life is filled with amazing, delightful details. Whenever you notice your breath, the sun, the moon, the wind, when you put on your socks, taste your food,  or take a shower, these are all moments for mindfulness. When you are mindful, you take a break from the story of your life and live your life. Great things will come.


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