Moment by Moment

There is no point in living for the moment, the moment is indifferent. There is no need to try to live in the moment, that is where you live anyway. You also live in your body. You don’t have to try to live in your body, that’s where you live.  You may want to get out of your body as it can be a rather confining space. It is even more confining to just live in your head. Compared to the spaciousness of your body, your head is rather small. This moment that you live in is smaller still. In this tiny moment it’s not so hard to live in your head or in your whole body. In this moment, you have everything you need. It’s only when you stretch the moment out and imagine what might happen or what happened in other moments, that it becomes difficult to live in your head and body.

When you find yourself in a difficult stretch of time you start looking for some escape. There is no escape. All you can do is transform. As this moment becomes the next moment everything changes. In that change there is the opportunity for transformation. If you are sick of living in your head, then you move into your body. When you breath in consciously you are out of your head and into your lungs. Your lungs can expand with your awareness. As you fill your lungs with air you transform the moment. Your body has changed, it has fresh new air. You can breathe out what was once you and breath in again.

Each moment is an opportunity for creating space in your body, in your head, in your life. The size of a moment and the space in your head is infinite. Your body is your gateway to that infinite time and space. It’s where you live, moment by moment.


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