Money and Self

We love money. Money represents happiness and security and possibility. We imagine that if we were to win the lottery, all of our troubles would be gone. Time is money. Money is power. Money, money, money.

Money lives in our imaginations, but it is just an idea, a social convention. Money only works because we all believe in it. It is similar with the idea  of self. Because everybody treats everybody else like something totally separate, we come to believe that we are all separate. This sense of separateness is just an idea.

Ideas of both money and self cause a lot of pain. If we didn’t feel so separate, we would be much better at sharing our money. We wouldn’t associate good and bad with rich and poor and we wouldn’t let others go hungry. Happiness can come with money or no money. True happiness comes with no self. When we recognize our True Self, we have truly won the lottery.


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