You have two jobs in life. The first is to do everything that you need to do. The second is to be who you need to be, so that you do not suffer through doing your first job.

The first job is not the first job because it is more important. The first job is first because that’s what you did first in life. Before you got your first job, you had no job. You just did whatever it was that you did with your time. Once you got into school and started taking on responsibilities, then you had your first job. You acquired all sorts of things that you needed to do. Along with acquiring all those things to do, you acquired all sorts of things that you needed to be. Being just what you needed to be to do what you needed to do became your second job. The second job is no more or less important than the first. You can do neither job without the other.

Working two full time jobs can wear you down, so naturally, you begin to suffer. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to do these jobs. To be who you are, you have to do what you need to do. To do what you need to do, you have to be who you are. If doing what you need to do and being who you are is causing you too much suffering, then you have to make changes.

You are not what you do. If you are working at being who you are, then that is not who you are. You can quit that job. You can just be yourself. That is enough. When you can effortlessly be who you are, then it becomes much easier to do what you need to do. What you do no longer impacts who you are.  Who you are is no longer dependent on what you do. As long as you are, you will do. Enjoy the moonlight.


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