More Meaning Less

Less is more and more is less. When a statement draws attention to the sameness of opposites, the statement will seem either extra true, completely false or meaningless.  When you sense the truth, it seems to imply an important meaning. If it seems false, then it points away from the truth which indicates a meaning not contained in the statement. If the statement just leaves you confused you may just think it’s meaningless, pointless, or insignificant, which is quite significant.

It’s not easy to understand the meaning of meaningless. It is significant to think about insignificance. Pointlessness sill points to something.

If you think you are insignificant, if life seems pointless and meaningless, that can be either devastating or liberating. It depends on how you feel, and what meaning you ascribe to that conclusion. If you think you are significant and life is full of meaning and has a definite point, that can be either liberating or devastating, depending on how you feel and what meaning you ascribe to that conclusion.

If we think that the universe is a vast, indifferent place, why do we care so much? We care, because life has all kinds of meaning to us. As we go about life consciously discovering and creating new meanings, which bring us joy and throwing out old meanings, which cause us suffering, we feel more and suffer less. It’s all up to us, more or less.


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