Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are thoughts about how bad things are. If you entertain negative thoughts, you may think there is something horribly wrong with you. The way to counteract negative thoughts is to pay attention to them. Pay attention to all of your thoughts. When you pay attention to your thinking, you will notice each time you have a negative thought.  The trick in counteracting a negative thought is not to judge it. If you are feeling bad because  of your habit of coughing up negative thoughts, then the last thing you need to do is start criticizing yourself for your negativity. That just adds more negative thoughts.

You also don’t want to try to counteract negative thoughts with positive thoughts. If you are not feeling positive about things, then don’t pretend that you are. If you try to do that, your negative thoughts are going to mock you for acting so positive. To counteract your negative thoughts with positive thoughts, turn to logic. For example, if you think that nobody loves you, then refute that thought by thinking about people who love you. Also, thinking about people who loves you makes you feel nice.

You don’t need to argue with all of your negative thoughts, you just have to notice them. Notice when you judge people. Notice when you judge yourself. Notice when you predict that something bad will happen. Notice when you worry. Each time you notice that kind of thought, remind yourself that you are thinking again. Check in with your breath. Inhale deeply and exhale. Wait for the next thought.

If you don’t buy into your negative thoughts, and assume that they are the truth, they will occur less often. Negative thoughts follow negative moods. When you practice noticing your thoughts, your moods will improve and the negative thoughts will stop coming as often.  When you take a break from negative thoughts, you will feel good. When you have no thoughts at all, you will feel. Amazing.


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