No Problem

We all think we have problems. Problems are the bane of our existence. What would we do without problems? We would live happily ever after.

The problem with problems is that they keep coming. As soon as we get done with a problem, we move on to the next problem. This habit is problematic.

However, we love solving problems. We create games that are carefully constructed problems for us to solve. Basketball is basically the problem of getting a ball to go through a hoop. If you have the ball, the opposing team creates problems for you in your attempts to solve the ball and hoop problem. The rules also create problems. If you are holding the ball, you can’t even walk unless you bounce it. If you stop bouncing the ball, then you can’t walk at all, that’s it. Problems, problems, problems.

Our problems are not a game. Our problems are serious, but even our serious problems are thrilling to solve. When we fix our problem of loneliness by falling in love we are ecstatic. Of course, love creates more problems. When we are lonely though, we welcome the problems of love. When we are having love problems, we think we have real problems and we start to think that our lonely problems were not so bad.

Problems are what we make of them.  The difference between a real problem and a fun problem is our feeling. When you recognize that you can handle any situation, then problems become opportunities for awareness. When you encounter a problem, you can explore your fear, your anxiety, your anger, your feelings. When you can address those, you can handle anything. Without these feelings, your problem is just a situation. No problem.


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