Noble Cause

We each have our own specific ways to suffer. We have each found specific issues which are worthy of our suffering. We have all been taught how noble it is to suffer. We suffer and we are noble. We are not noble because we suffer. 

The world teaches us to suffer. Suffering is not automatic. We learn to become disconnected from ourselves and then we suffer. We accept suffering as an inevitable side effect of life and so we create suffering for ourselves to fulfill our expectations. That is a habit we can break.

To break the habit of suffering we don’t have to win the lottery or erase our past. We only have to look at our thoughts and see why they lead us to suffering.  We have to rebuild our relationship with suffering. We have to realize that we are noble despite our suffering, not because of it. If we believe we are noble because we suffer, then of course we will suffer. If we suffer too much, we will forget that we are noble at all. If we see that our nobility allows us to be noble despite our suffering, then we can guard the world from suffering. That is really noble of us.

To guard the world from suffering we remain on the lookout for suffering. When we notice ourselves suffering, we remember that we are noble and treat our suffering with grace and humility. If we ignore our suffering, we will become miserable and we will spread the suffering around the world. When we accept our suffering and look to learn from it, we will let it pass without unleashing it on the world.

Once we have learned to handle our own suffering, then we can focus on the suffering on those around us. We can help our friends recognize their nobility. When our friends recognize their nobility, they can then help us guard against suffering. Rather than causing more suffering, we can cause nobility. That is a noble cause.


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