Not Avoiding Negative Thoughts

Our thoughts materialize constantly. Sometimes they manifest in actions. We cannot avoid negative thoughts, and we should not try to avoid negative thoughts. We should be aware of our thoughts, both positive and negative. The difficult step, in being aware of negative thoughts, is not immediately believing those thoughts. We need to practice not getting carried away by those thoughts.

We think yes and no all the time. Yes is positive, no is negative. Yes is no better than no. We also think good and bad all the time. These thoughts impact the way we feel. When we think good, we feel good. When we think bad we feel bad. Good and bad also work the other way around. When we feel bad, we think about bad things. When we feel good we think good thoughts.

If we are feeling bad and we think about the past, we will see a bad past. If we think about the future, we see a bad future. If we think about ourselves, we will feel bad about ourselves. That is why we need to be aware of both what we are thinking and how we are feeling. When we are aware, we can engage with our thoughts as they materialize. If our thoughts are negative, we can notice the negativity, check in with how we are feeling, and see where the negativity is coming from and where it may lead.

When we practice noticing and releasing our thoughts, we learn not to buy into the negativity or positivity too much. We learn to engage our executive function to interrupt negative thought patterns as they feed negative feeling patterns.

Feeling good about ourselves and our prospects helps us work toward our goals with energy and enthusiasm. Feeling bad about ourselves and our prospects, makes it more difficult to achieve our goals. Having a primary goal of peace and peace of mind, helps us achieve that goal regularly throughout the day.


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