Not Meditating

You know all the wonderful benefits of meditation. How long do you think you hold out before you start practicing?  Although it can be difficult to meditate, that difficulty pales in comparison to the difficulties you encounter when you don’t meditate. Without meditation you are committed to living with your current habits of reacting to the world around you. When you worry about the future, you actually believe that something terrible will happen to you. When you regret the past you believe that you would be happier today if you had made different choices years ago. These kinds of thoughts regularly cause you all kinds of distress. You know that these thoughts continually cause you pain. You know that meditation, sitting quietly with focused attention, can change those thought patterns and relieve that pain in just a few minutes a day. The challenge then becomes how long you can endure that pain before you break down and try meditation.

I recommend holding out for as long as you can. Struggle through your ups and downs. When you get sad, feel hopeless despair. When you get happy, strut like it will last forever. These emotional rides can be exhilarating. Ride as long as you can. Eventually, when you want peace more than anything else, you will make time to meditate. Once you start, you will learn not to regret all the time you waited to begin.


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