Not Quite Right

Suffering is a complicated thing to do. Lingering bad moods, anxiety, or depression can make you feel bad and, at the same time, zap your motivation to do anything about it. When you get stuck in that unenviable situation, it’s easy to imagine that there is something wrong with you. That’s not quite right.

Something is wrong for certain, but nothing is wrong with you. You are the unfortunate royal child, locked away in the tower for some logical but absurd fairy tale reason. The bright side of being locked in the tower is that you are safe and able to observe the world from there. The bright side of not actually being in a fairy tale is that you don’t have a benevolent or malevolent character holding you captive and you don’t have to wait around for some romantic rescue party to deliver you from your predicament.

When you know that something is wrong, but not wrong with you, you can eliminate a compelling train of thought that searches the world for things that are wrong with you. Your search is then free to focus on what is wrong with your mood and why you are not feeling the joy that is supposedly trying to burst into each moment of your life.

When things seem not quite right, but you don’t know what it could be, observe your thoughts, observe your feelings, observe your environment, observe the lingering cloud in the sky. With that powerful, faithful observation, you will notice what is quite right, and your actions will be motivated by your wisdom.

When the joyful rescue party manages to defeat the captors and break open the gates of the tower, the tower will be empty. You’ll be out amongst the flowers, experiencing the weather, whatever it may be.


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