Obstructed View

When you go to a concert, ballgame, or theater and you get a seat behind a post that blocks your vision, you will get annoyed. If you have a decent seat with clear sight lines and somebody comes and sits in front of you, it will be even more annoying. Then you don’t just get mad at a post, you have an actual human being as the object of your ire. In the arena of life there is a giant human being sitting right in front of you interfering with your view of the action. That is you.

There is no need to be angry with yourself, that just makes you bigger and more in the way. You have to empty yourself so that you can see right through you. When you are floating along with life and things are all falling into place, you find yourself loving people,  engaged in your activities and enjoying the show. You become empty as you go with the flow. Whenever you run into a problem, your Self  grows and blocks your view.

Problems come in all shapes and forms. They can be anything from a global catastrophe to a simple thought. Problems don’t affect your theatergoing Self, they just enlarge your obstructing self. The purpose of the play is to enjoy the show. A big part of the show is learning to see through your obstructed view.


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