One Mind

We all have minds that work kind of the same way. I have ideas and you have ideas. We both look at a rose and see a rose. We can pass ideas back and forth from one mind to another though words, music, facial expressions, gestures and semaphore. 

Some people train their minds to feel happiness, others train their minds to cure diseases, still others train their minds to make music. All of these different mind specialties reinforce the impression that we each have only separate minds. We have developed property laws to protect our personal ideas. Yet all of our knowledge comes from ideas bouncing around between all of our minds.

There is little difference between an idea that comes to you as you sit and think and one that comes to you in conversation or from a book. Nonetheless, we take great pride or feel great shame in the ideas that pass through our personal minds.

When it gets cramped or lonely in your mind, or if you feel like your mind is working against you, you can turn to another’s mind for a different perspective. Most other minds can see amazing things about you that you sometimes miss.

As ideas fill many minds, the rain makes many puddles and it makes the roses grow.


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