One Step

We are always just one step away from happiness. Sometimes it seems like a huge step. It is really a tiny step. In space, it is no step at all. You can sit in one spot and be miserable one moment, then return to happiness the next. Our fundamental condition is happiness. When we start to think about things, we take a step away from happiness. No matter how far away we think we may be, we are always just that one step away.

It is not necessarily easy to take the step to your basic happiness. It can be extremely difficult to see just where to step. It can be hard to move your foot. You may take a thousand steps before you take that one step back to happiness.  

Taking the step is wonderful, but knowing that there is only one step is just as wonderful. If you worry that your happiness is blocked by complex neuroses, rooted in your early childhood experience, then you may think that you need to navigate a convoluted maze to reconnect with your happiness. When you know that at any time you can just take that one step, the maze seems much less daunting.

To take the step, you have to believe that the step is available to you and available to you right now. When you know the step is there, you don’t need to take it. You are free to live with your complex neuroses and travel your maze. When you know that the step is there, you will walk your path with a slight spring in your gait.


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