Pass the Rock

If we sit in a circle and pass around a rock, we will each have a different experience of the rock, the circle, and the passing.  When the rock comes back to us, we will have a completely different experience from the first time around. It seems natural for us to have a different experience from the person sitting next to us, we are different people. When we have a different experience from ourselves we are also different people. Despite all of our different experiences in space and time, we are also having the same experience. We are all sitting in the same circle passing the same rock. We are one and we are many.

If the rock were happiness, how would we behave in the circle? If each time the rock came to you, you filled with light, would you still pass the rock along? If the rock were sadness, what would you do? What if the rock were happiness when you receive it, but it would transform into anxiety, fear, and sadness as you hold it? 

We all carry our various rocks and constantly pass them around. We are in the same circle and we are having the same experience. Yet, from moment to moment, everything is different. Don’t let your rocks weigh you down. Pass them around. Share the load. Share the light. We’re all in this together.


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