Peace and Harmony

The main thing that you need to do in life is to create peace and harmony. To create peace and harmony you have value peace and harmony. You don’t have to feel peaceful and harmonious all the time (that would be nice), but you have to regularly remember that peace and harmony is very important.

When you are feeling at peace and in harmony with life, then you can radiate that feeling to help everybody else. That will help. When you are feeling ill at ease or out of harmony, you can absorb all the peace and harmony that others are radiating. That will help too. Peace is always there.  Harmony is always there.

If things feel like they are disharmonious, then you can gently bring them into harmony. If there is conflict, then you can bring peace. The trick is being patient and remaining focused on peace and harmony. The trick is not giving up when peace and harmony seem lost. The trick is not getting tricked into thinking that other things are more pressing than peace and harmony.

You can accomplish all of your life’s goals in peace and harmony. Without peace and harmony, there are no worthwhile goals. To practice peace and harmony, simply look for peace and harmony wherever you go, whatever you do. That is important. If you forget from time to time, try again.


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