Peace and Quiet

Everybody appreciates a little peace and quiet now and then. We always appreciate peace, but sometimes quiet is not very peaceful. That is why we often look for peace in noise. We sometimes need noise to distract us from our thoughts. We turn on music, the television, find somebody to talk to, or we find lots of people to talk to, play with and be with us. Anyway that we can create peace in our lives is important. Being able to find peace in quiet is also important, because sometimes it is quiet. When things are quiet, we  confront our self.

The practice of meditation is the practice of confronting our self. The practice is based on the belief that our true Self is essentially peaceful. When we take the drastic step to sit down to find peace in quiet, we shouldn’t be surprised if our meditation is neither peaceful nor quiet. When we sit down to face our self, we may find a lot of noise. Thoughts continue to come at us at the same pace and on the same subjects they did before we sat down. When we recognize the noise of our thoughts, it is an opportunity to peek through them and look for the peace that enticed us to sit down in the first place. We focus on our breathing, our posture, our mantra, our feeling, or a spot on the floor and we let the thoughts pass. As we practice this over and over, our mind learns to quiet itself and we experience a sense of peace.

Just because we are able to find peace and quiet, on purpose, when we meditate, does not mean it is always so easy. That is why we practice again and again. The more we find it, the more confidence we get that the peace is there, in us. When we get good at finding peace in quiet, we will see that we can find peace anywhere, and everywhere. When we know where and how to look for peace, we find ourselves just finding it, without even looking. Peace.


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