Peace and Strength

We are all peaceful beings trying to find and create peace in the world. Sometimes we need extra strength to carry on this mission. The peace that we find and create gives us strength. Our strength helps us remember that our main mission is to spread peace in the world.

If you are feeling like you lack both peace and  strength, then you can find peace in weakness. If you can’t carry all that you are trying to carry with all your strength, ask for some help. If you can’t find the strength to ask for help, then drop it, let it go, set it down. You can pick up the bits that you need when the peace restores your strength and help arrives.

If you are feeling strong but not peaceful, then you can find peace in your strength. Carry your weight like so many balloons. Remember your mission and pick up others who are not feeling so strong.

We all have enough strength and peace to have made it this far. Peace and strength are abundant. Carry on, carry on.


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