If you want to see peace in the world, you must find peace in yourself.  If looking at world events makes you angry, then you can use those events to help yourself learn peace. Peace is not somethings that governments negotiate, that is clear.  Peace is something that people create.  Peace is demonstrated. You cannot demonstrate peace by getting angry even with injustice.

We think that the angry voice is the strong voice.  The angry voice appears to be the strong voice, because the angry voice often comes from the violent person. Anger precedes violence. We heed the angry voice, because we don’t want to get hit.  That is not peace.

To be able to demonstrate peace we must feel peace. To feel peace within yourself, you have to trust that it is there and look for it.  Peace is comfort. Peace is acceptance. Peace is delightful. If you have difficulty feeling peace in yourself, you cannot expect to find it in the world. If you can cultivate peace in you own life, it will grow in the world. Peace.


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