Pecking at the Shell

When a baby chick hatches, it has to peck its way out of the egg shell. It doesn’t know why. It doesn’t have any idea what it will find. It’s not trying to get out of the shell. It has no idea that it is even in a shell. It just pecks. Then the world opens up.

As we go about our lives in our shells, how can we know that we are in a shell? These are the only lives we know. When we reach a certain point in our lives, we begin to peck at our shell. We run into situations that make us reevaluate our lives. We begin to question who and what we are. We begin to imagine that the world is not just what it seems.

There is a lot of comfort in our shells because it is all we know. It can be quite confining too and we may feel like we are suffocating. Without knowing why, how or what we will find, we begin to peck. Soon, the way will open.

Peep, peep.


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