Perfectly Deluded

The first step in getting better is admitting you have a problem.  The last step in awakening is recognizing that you don’t have a problem. We put such a high value on being right and knowledgable, that we miss the joy available to us in the unknown. When we admit all that we don’t know, and see that much of what we know may be wrong,  we are free to experience the world from a fresh perspective.  We can trust our experience instead of our thoughts.

When habitual beliefs are turned upside down, we can replace them with the idea that our most basic experience is infused with joy. We know that is true, because we have experienced this joy throughout our lives. When we imagine that we are deluded and we believe that our foundation is joy, then when we are feeling sad or anxious we will not fall into thinking, I’m so sad, but wonder, what is this sadness?

When we recognize that we are generally deluded, the delusion does not go away, it just tries to blend in.  We have to be alert for it as it sucks us into our place in the drama around us.  When we learn to see how we are deluded, we will come to see our perfection.


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