You live your life from your perspective. It can’t be any other way. Over time, you change and your perspective changes. How you see things when you were three years old is different from how it is now. Your perspective changes slightly with each new experience. Some experiences will cause big shifts, others are imperceivable. Every time your mood changes, your perspective changes. It changes with the hours of the day. It changes as you move from place to place. This constant change is your window to the world. When you feel like you are stuck in a situation, that is only one perspective. Because it is your perspective, it is the only one available, but it can change and it will change.

Life gets lonely when lived from one perspective. That is why everybody is constantly sharing their opinions and observations with each other. If things seems lousy, talk to a person with a different perspective. If they are able to help you, you may feel you have gained some perspective. You haven’t gained anything. You have experienced another change.

Your perspective is incredibly versatile. You can imagine life as the universe or as a bug. Both the universe and bugs have generally peaceful perspectives, which is why it’s nice to practice seeing life from those other angles. There is always a peaceful point of view available to you. As you experience life’s changes, practicing awareness of the peace available in the present moment makes it easer to live with all the unsettling influences. If you think you have problems, that is one perspective, but it can change. Look again. Adjust your focus. Notice where the peace is. When you can see peace, you have a great perspective.


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