Picking a Path

If you want to practice Buddhism you need to meditate. Once you start meditating everyday, you will find a path.  If you try to get Buddhism without meditating, you won’t get it. Meditation should start with a sitting practice and expand to fill your whole day with mindfulness. If you want to use Buddhism to relieve your personal suffering, you should begin meditating. You don’t need to grasp all of the ideas about how to relate to your emotions, you need to pay attention to your emotions to see what they are about.  Meditation is good for this.

Meditation will not make you instantly calm, insightful and compassionate.  It will slowly do that. At first, it is just killing time. At first, meditation is a struggle to see how long you can stand to squirm. Over time, meditation will lead you in the direction you need to go. If you are interested in Buddhism, you will find a teacher. Teachers are plentiful. The teacher you find will help you on your path.

You can either meditate and then find a teacher or find a teacher and then meditate. Whatever path you choose, if you follow it diligently, it will lead you to yourself.


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