Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure will lead to pain and pain will lead to pleasure.  We tend to follow the path to pain by pursuing pleasure. Many follow the path to pleasure by seeking pain. Neither path is the wrong path. Both lead through pleasure and pain.  It’s just nice to know which path you are taking.

When you do a hated chore, that is taking the pain path to pleasure. People work hard with the idea that if they suffer through their work, they will eventually reap the promised rewards.

When you spend your free time amusing yourself, procrastinating your responsibilities, that is taking the pleasure path to pain. Eventually people’s responsibilities catch up with them and they suffer all the more because they are not able to do as they please.

Seeking pleasure is an art. Enduring pain is a discipline. Pleasure and pain are so interrelated, it is pointless to seek one and avoid the other. There is tremendous pleasure in working hard on a difficult task. There is tremendous pain in a love affair.

Whatever your experience,  if you use awareness, you will appreciate the pain in your pleasures and you will approach your pains with the confidence that there is pleasure within. The basic path is joy, pleasure and pain act as your guides. 


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