Practice Makes Perfect

Living our life as a spiritual practice can help us recognize our basic perfection. As we struggle through ups and downs of life, we might imagine that we are something less than perfect.  That’s perfect. Being perfect leaves no room for improvement, but it leaves plenty of room for change. A spiritual practice is the practice of being perfect, while learning to live with constant change.

A perfect practice is one that encompasses all of life. There is not a time to be spiritual and a time to be practical. It is all spiritual and it is all practical. Life is practice. We are not practicing to get better, we are practicing being perfectly alive and perfectly us. Sometimes we are perfectly ignorant, sometimes we are perfectly enlightened. We may be perfectly sad, mad, happy, confused, or assured. It is all part of our practice. We may be perfect jerks, then perfectly sorry and perfectly forgiving. As long as we practice being perfectly aware of our experiences we can learn to appreciate just how perfect we are or how we are actually perfect.

If we don’t have a particular spiritual practice, or an active practice, that does not affect our basic perfection. You can hardly improve on an oak tree. A dog chases squirrels and its tail with equal enthusiasm. When we see our lives as a practice, we can forgive ourselves, we can forgive others, others can forgive us. We can continue to change gracefully with awareness and acceptance. If, one day, we catch a glimpse of our basic perfection, we can joyfully return to our practice.


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