Everyday day we pretend. We play a giant game of make believe. We are all children role-playing our lives. We are exceptionally good pretenders. We are so good that we don’t even know we are pretending.

When we lie, we know we are pretending. We let our words pretend something is true when we know it is not. Sometimes, when we smile, we are pretending. If we’re not feeling happy, but we don’t want to burden the world with out troubles, we will pretend to be happy. When we are not happy, it is not because we intend to pretend that we are in a miserable set of circumstances, it is because we actually believe that to be true. We are playing somebody else’s game of make believe. We measure ourselves with a make believe yardstick that tells us we are tiny, or huge, or good or bad. We all want to be good, but when we measure ourselves, we pretend that the instrument is real and we feel good or bad depending on our measurements.

We have to believe something. That’s what we do. We constantly sort the world into true and false and good and bad and we believe that’s how it is. We consciously pretend and unconsciously pretend. We believe and make believe. We believe things that are true and false and we make others believe things that are true and false, both on purpose and by accident. Because we spend so much time pretending, believing, measuring, and feeling, consciously and unconsciously, we might as well consciously pretend in ways that make us feel good. When we end up feeling good, we will begin to believe in what we pretend.

If you don’t believe that you are truly good and wonderful, that would be a good place to begin with your pretending. Pretend that you’re not pretending. When you see that you are pretending the Truth, you won’t have to pretend any more. From then on, your games of make believe will wear real smiles.


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