Psycho Analysis

Psychoanalysis is meeting with a therapist and talking about your thoughts and feelings. It may help you relate to your psyche in new ways.  Psycho analysis is thinking about things over and over again in a way that leads you into misery. It is maddening. You don’t necessarily need psychoanalysis to stop your psycho analysis. You need to recognize what you are doing.  You need to pay attention to your thoughts. You need to pay attention to your moods.

Paying attention is a start. By paying attention, you can see the source of your moods.  Not paying attention is like running from a bear.  You may run and run and run even though the bear may have given up the chase.  You are safe, but you still run.  Paying attention is looking behind you to see if the bear is still there.

As you watch your psycho analysis, you will see yourself coming up with lots of reasons to be miserable. You will put your heavy iron ball of misery up on a pedestal and then reinforce the pedestal.  Each destructive thought adds another brace to the structure. If there is nobody overseeing the construction, the pedestal can grow to support tremendous weight.

As you pay attention, you need to believe that you are pure light glowing at the centre of the ball of misery. Then you can tell the difference between pure-light thoughts and ball-of-misery thoughts.  Paying attention to these thoughts is just being right in the middle of them. You don’t try to manufacture pure-light thoughts and you don’t ignore ball-of-misery thoughts. You simply recognize both as they come to you.

Eventually, the pedestal holding up your misery will crumble.  The iron ball will become smooth and shiny and reflect the world around it. The pure light within will float the ball like a balloon.

Stopping the psycho analysis is not easy. Self-analysis is a compelling habit, especially if you consider yourself to be a bit psycho. If you consider yourself to be psycho, and that thought scares you, recognize that thought. You are not so much psycho as analysis. Psycho is a conclusion. Faulty analysis will lead you to that conclusion. You are pure light, floating in a shiny ball, reflecting the world. When you pay attention you will come to that conclusion.


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