Put It Down

If you get tired of carrying a heavy mind, just put it down. You can go on with your life without all that added pressure. You can continue to be you and do whatever you do without all the struggle. If it is your way to worry about how you will manage things, put that down. Just manage. If you are not happy with what you have to do with your day, put that down and just go about your day. You will manage what you can manage, you will do what you do. That’s enough.

Each day brings with it a new opportunity to be. Each day offers another opportunity to express yourself in the world. It doesn’t matter who sees you. That you see you is enough. You are surrounded by love. You are filled with compassion. Whatever you are carrying that gets in the way of experiencing that, just put it down.

Your burdens will be there for you when you need them. We naturally carry grudges, past pains, future worries, judgements, fears and doubts. When we notice the extra weight though, it is good practice to put it all down. Spend a little time as light as a feather, or lighter.


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