Quality of Life

Everybody has their own idea about what brings quality to life. Quality is generally seen as positive. Products are graded as high and low quality. When you see your life as a product, you may think that you can achieve a high quality of life if you do things a certain way and a low quality of life if you do things a different way. However, even when you do all you know to create the high quality life that you deserve, sometimes things don’t work out and you end up feeling like your life lacks quality. That is essentially a problem of judgement.

Quality is also a neutral term, which is a property or characteristic of something. In this sense, everybody’s life has it’s own quality. There is no high or low, it is just how it is. Nobody’s life has any more quality than anybody else’s.  To live a quality life, you have to understand and appreciate the qualities of your life.

One of the qualities of life is that we suffer. Another quality is that we feel joy. We perceive beauty and ugliness. We feel pain and comfort, hot and cold, anger and peace, fear and security, rough and smooth, sweet and sour, hate and love. These things are all qualities of life and we feel them all. There is no possibility of more or less quality, we just feel each in it’s turn.

When we practice experiencing the quality of our life in each moment, we see that our lives have amazing qualities. We see that everyone around us has the same qualities of life that we have, despite vastly different circumstances.

To live a quality life, experience and observe all the qualities of life in yourself and others. When you practice observing the various qualities, you will notice a certain equality merging and emerging from the extremes. That equality, has a peaceful quality, extremely peaceful.


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