Reality Check

Reality is slippery. There are the laws of the land, the laws of language, the laws of physics, the laws of the universe, and then there is Reality. You shouldn’t need a lawyer to check in with reality. You interpret reality with your mind. Your mind is full of creative powers and whatever you consider to be reality was created by your mind. In interpreting the laws of the universe, the laws of nature, the rules of your house and the social etiquette of all the circles you travel in, your particular reality is born. That reality, because it is your mind’s interpretation and creation, is also your delusion. To happily coexist with your delusions, it is a good practice to check in with reality and check out what reality is.

Checking reality is checking your mind. That’s all you can do. Your mind checks in with you with feelings and ideas. Reality is how you feel. Reality is what you see and hear. Reality is the thoughts that pass through your head. Reality is the air you breathe. Reality is the taste of your food. Reality may be that you are one with the universe. Reality may be that you are a luminous being. That is why you need to check reality, anything is possible.

Reality is constantly changing. Your delusions are constantly changing. Your mind is constantly changing. Check it out.


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