Redefine Yourself

Before you redefine yourself you need to look into how you have come by your current definition. It could be that you have never actually defined yourself at all. You may just let others define you. You may let some internet quiz or personality test define you. You may define yourself with a particular style or a certain emotional response to the world. You could define yourself with a list of likes and dislikes. You might define yourself by who you hang out with or who your family is. You might define yourself with objective measurements like height, weight, age and gender. You could add subjective judgements to those such as tall, short, fat, thin, young, old, pretty, or ugly. Some of these definitions you chose consciously, and some unconsciously. There’s a lot that goes into who you are. To redefine yourself, start with throwing all of that out.

Once you throw out every idea about who and what you are, you can start fresh and build a definition of what you are that works for you. It helps if you keep an open mind. Before you start trying on your old unconscious definitions, ask yourself, “What am I?” The world will start throwing you answers ranging between everything and nothing. It is up to you to figure out what is you and what is not you.

Redefining yourself is a life long practice, so don’t worry if you go through a few definitions as you come to one that suits you. You want to be sure to try on some crazy hats. Imagine you are things that you know you are not. Imagine that you are the wind, the moon or the ocean. Imagine you are your worst enemy. Imagine that you are a bowl of soup.

The english language is set up to make you redefine yourself with each changing mood. I am sad. I am happy. I am depressed. I am confused. Because you are constantly defining and redefining yourself by nature of your speech and thought patterns, it is helpful to be an active, conscious participant in the process. Whenever being who and what you are starts to feel heavy or unbearable, just throw it all out and redefine yourself by asking, “What am I?”


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