Regretting Love

When we fall in love with somebody and that person breaks our heart, we learn to regret love.  We learn to fear love. We learn to guard ourselves against love. Clearly, that is a mistake.

As we distance ourselves from love lost, we will not regret love. When enough time has passed, we will remember the experience of love. We will remember parts of the people we loved with fondness.  The love that we experienced endures.  The pain and regret that we experienced fades.

When you lose love, it hurts. The love you expressed feels wasted. The person you loved seems unworthy. Yet you loved. That love moved you. That love changed you. That love taught you. That love continues to teach you and will always teach you. Well done.

Jesus tells us to love our enemies. Alan Watts tells us to love our enemies as our enemies, because enemies help us to grow. Sometimes we love our enemies naturally, because we love them before they become our enemies. In loving your enemy you achieve one of the highest spiritual ideals. Let’s not split hairs over the order that things occur.

There is no need to regret love. You can regret loss, but love is time well spent.


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