Relative Suffering

When you are very young, you suffer intensely and it passes without leaving a trace.  A young child can fall into a wailing, sobbing, fit whenever the mood hits. Nobody gets alarmed at these moods, or buys into the root cause. Parents understand it is a mood, likely caused by hunger or tiredness.

When you move into your teens and early adulthood.  Moods still come and go.  The causes are more compelling.  Love, life, social acceptance, social rejection. The moods stay longer and leave scars. Parents don’t understand. Sometimes they think they understand, but they remain powerless.

When you get to later adulthood, right up to death, moods are quite serious.  Teens and children don’t understand.  Adult responsibilities pile up. The scars of earlier years open up fresh. You are no longer going through stages, you are really suffering.

Suffer, suffer, suffer, its all the same.  If you could suffer like the young child and observe your suffering like the parent, knowing that it is not as bad as it feels, you could learn a bit from suffering.  If you learn this as a young adult, when the suffering is so intense, you will grow wings.


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