Bad moods become depression when they linger for days or weeks or years. Depression is horrible. When you get stuck in depression, all the happy faces in the world won’t make you smile. If you do manage to smile through your mood, it is a hollow smile, just being polite for others. If you are unfortunate enough to fall into that pit, then you could use a reset button.

We don’t have a reset button. There is a reset practice though. The most difficult part of practice is beginning.  When you are depressed, making yourself do anything can be difficult. The good thing about the reset practice is that it is essentially doing nothing. The practice is meditation. Daily meditation can lift you out of depression and then it really starts to work.

It is most difficult to sit when you are depressed, because it is so difficult to focus. If you keep practicing your focus will improve. Slowly, your mood will improve. When you have meditated your way out of your depression, then daily meditation will work as a daily reset.  If you are suffering from insomnia, you can get up and meditate, reset and go to sleep.  If you wake up in the morning feeling nervous you can meditate, reset and face your day.  If you have had a tough day, you can meditate, reset, and enjoy your evening. If you are feeling good, you can meditate, reset and continue to feel good.

Meditation works because  it gets you beyond your thoughts. When your thoughts stop, you reset. Clean slate, fresh start, beginners mind, reset.


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