Resistance II

Not being able to face your emotional experience, and distracting yourself with activities and stories, is a form of resistance. If you learn to recognize when you are resisting a difficult emotion, that is a sign of waking up. Resistance isn’t bad, it may be a  part of an unhealthy habit, but it is mostly just resistance. All experience is some kind of resistance. When you feel the wind on your face, that feeling is caused by your face resisting the wind.  We recognize things when they stand out against the background, when they resist the background.

If you notice yourself resisting certain feelings, those feelings are hard to observe and experience.  If you notice your resistance to those feelings, that is a start.  You shouldn’t think that you are doing something wrong because you are resisting feelings, just notice the resistance.

Looking for resistance in your experiences gives you a good handle to explore the experience.  When you learn to see where you resist, you will know when is  the right time to resist and when it is better to give in.  Resistance and acceptance is the game of life. There is no need to judge resistance, just notice it and see when it is necessary, when it is delightful, and when it is getting in your way.


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