Rock Bottom

Rock bottom is a comforting idea. If we imagine that there is a rock bottom, we can deal with anything. We would know that we can only go down so far and we will find something solid at last.

Unfortunately, we tend to think that things can always get worse. This sense of things getting worse worries us even when we are no where near rock bottom. Things may be pretty good for us. We may have food to eat, people who love us, a warm bed to sleep in, yet we still imagine that we are approaching rock bottom and the thought makes us miserable.

Rock bottom does not exist. That may seem like bad news if you are on a steady decline and you want to stop, but it is excellent news if you are plummeting. We are all falling and falling and how we manage the fall is up to us. If we are falling and imagine a rock bottom, then we fall in fear. If we know there is no bottom, we fall in freedom. When we are falling, we are weightless. Anything is possible. 


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