Search for Happiness

It is not always so easy to be happy, but no matter what your situation is, happiness is possible.  Whatever your circumstance, there is happiness close at hand.  Without breaking a sweat, you could think of ten things that make you happy. If you are feeling sad, or anxious, you may not be ready to feel happy now. What is preventing you from being happy is how you are thinking about things, not what is happening. If you think that there is something about you that is preventing you from being happy, then you need to change your thinking.  If you think there is something, or somebody, you need to make you happy, then when you get it, the happiness will be temporary.  Happiness and joy-of-life is your basic state.  It is there beneath your thinking. You miss it when you look for it in activities and events outside of yourself. True happiness is in you. If you look for it, you will notice it.  Look for it like a lost treasure.


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