Self Pity

If you are prone to self-pity, you should identify more with the self that pities than the self that is pitied. The self that is pitied is the fake self.  That is the self that is separate from the universe and at odds with life. That is the self that feels like it is not good enough, that it is filled with flaws and could use improvements.  The self that pities is the compassionate self. It is the self that calls for healing, that sees the delusion of the sadder self.

Pity is shy of compassion. Pity is recognizing somebody’s sufferings or shortcomings and remaining separate from them. Compassion is recognizing somebody’s suffering and understanding their situation as though it were happening to you. If you find yourself trying to pity yourself, then you are one short step away from being compassionate toward yourself.  Why indulge in self-pity when you can just as easily indulge in self-compassion?

Taking a moment to indulge in self-pity can be an opportunity for awareness. You can notice the ideas you have about yourself that are causing you distress. When you are aware of your distress, you can call upon your compassion to heal your wounds. Your Self is just fine.

Once you manage to transform your self-pity into self-compassion, you can begin to work your magic on others. After all, we are all part of the bigger Self.

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