Self Satisfied

The essence of meditation is becoming comfortable with yourself. When we are not meditating or practicing mindfulness, we spend most of our time trying to get away from ourselves. If we find ourselves alone, we often suffer from an ailment called loneliness. Strangely enough, the cure for loneliness is being alone.

Most people try to get rid of loneliness by surrounding themselves with friends. In order to safeguard against loneliness, we get into relationships with each other. This works so long as our partners or friends are nearby.  There are times though, where people feel lonely even when they are around people they love. This is because being with people  only distracts you from loneliness. Sometimes it doesn’t work.  Being alone can cure you.

Meditation is the practice of being alone.  Whether you are meditating by yourself, or with a group, you are looking into yourself. You look into yourself with a determined focus. You watch your thoughts.  You think about your feelings.  You feel your moods. When you become interested in your own moods, you can cope with loneliness. Loneliness is sadness mixed with boredom, it’s not a lack of love.

If you cannot find contentment within yourself, you will not find it with another person. The only way another person will bring you contentment is if they help you find it in yourself. Enjoying company is wonderful. Enjoying your own company is also wonderful.


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