Life is serious. Life is also ridiculous. What is serious and what is ridiculous is something quite different from one person to the next. Things that are very serious to some people are absolutely ridiculous to others. The more serious something is to one person, the more ridiculous it is to somebody who doesn’t get the seriousness. A good way to figure out what is serious and what is ridiculous is to look at the suffering involved. Suffering is serious.

If you are prone to suffering, you will take things very seriously. When somebody you love is suffering, there is nothing ridiculous about that at all. That is, unless they happen to be suffering because of something ridiculous. If somebody you love is suffering and you find the cause of their suffering to be ridiculous, that is a good time to practice compassion and engage with the seriousness of the situation.

When you are suffering, it may help to look for the ridiculousness of your situation. If you are feeling lonely and unloved while you are surrounded by friends and family trying to console you, there is some ridiculousness to be found within that serious feeling.

It is a serious matter that we suffer so much. It is ridiculous that we suffer so much more than necessary, which is serious. The necessary suffering is the suffering that shows us the way through suffering. That may sound seriously ridiculous, but it is ridiculously serious.


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